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Hands & Feet

Welcome to the Hands & Feet Page

Haim Salon

Hands & Feet

Nothing makes a better first impression than neatly manicured nails. At Haim Salon, we believe beautiful nails come from healthy hands and feet. So treat your fingers and toes to some TLC and your nails will not only shine, they’ll be utterly renewed.

Reservations: 858.314.2020
Spa Manicure
The Spa’s signature herbal manicure leaves hands beautiful and sensuously soft — artfully groomed to perfection. 

Manicure, $65 / French Manicure, $85
Shellac Manicure
This mini-manicure includes cuticle care, nail shaping and shellac finish — extending the length of your hands' polished appearance.

Manicure, $100 / French Manicure, $115
Anti-Aging Manicure
A gentle hand exfoliation and massage with pure collagen is followed by a hydrating Soyaffin treatment. 

Manicure, $95 / French Manicure, $110
Spa Pedicure
An herbal extract footbath, exfoliation and a warm, sweet herb oil massage includes aromatic compresses applied to the neck and shoulders to help ease stress. 

Pedicure, $100 / French Pedicure, $115
Purifying Pedicure
Relax in a warm footbath enhanced with vitamins and minerals to promote detoxification. A gentle exfoliate and soothing clay mask invigorate the skin, leaving it supple and soft, and a relaxing massage and paraffin treatment complete the experience. 

Pedicure, $135 / French Pedicure, $150
Stone Manicure & Pedicure
Soothing warmed stones used to massage the hands or feet with our signature Spa Manicure or Spa Pedicure. 

Manicure, $100 / French Manicure, $115
Pedicure, $125 / French Pedicure, $140
Nail Polishing, Finishing & Soyaffin
  • Polish Change
    • Hands, $30
    • Feet, $40
  • French Polish Change
    • Hands, $40
    • Feet, $50
  • Shellac Finishing
    • Hands, $50
    • Feet, $60
  • French Shellac Finishing
    • Hands, $60
    • Feet, $75
  • Soyaffin Treatment
    • Hands, $35
    • Feet, $45
Nail Treatments for Children
  • Manicure, $35
  • Pedicure, $40